Welcome to HART Personnel. It is with great pride and pleasure that we hereby briefly introduce you to our Recruitment Agency. We are a Christian family business, who collectively have more than 20 years’ working experience in the Recruitment Industry. Our CEO, Burnell Hart leads our team with her vision for recruitment excellence! All our staff have a passion for the industry and are appointed for this reason. We all possess the same beliefs and goals. As a National and International Recruiter, we are able to assist companies throughout South Africa, source and secure qualified staff, so they can do phenomenal work together and stay ahead of their competition.

We will always keep our client’s specific staffing needs in mind, however it is to their benefit that our areas of recruitment focuses right across the board, in all industries – specialising in Qualified Artisans, the entire Engineeering and Manufacturing Sector (including Automotive), Qualified Technicians, Production/Quality, Civil/Construction, Logistics/Supply Chain, Freight /Shipping, Drivers (Local, Long Distance & Cross-Border), IT Industry (full spectrum), FMCG, Secretarial/Administration, Customer Service, Accounting/Finance, Sales and Marketing, Human Resources, Hospitality, Legal, Retail, Commercial, Medical, all Senior Executive / Top Management Positions.

We pride ourselves on our professional, ethical and friendly client relations. We strive to build and maintain strong personal relationships with our clients, as well as long-term track records within various departments/divisions. This enables us to understand the culture and needs of both our clients personally and their organisations; as well as the needs, competence and skills required for their candidates – resulting in successful, satisfied clients and employees. We understand that ensuring staff retention is vital.

We will strive to successfully match our best candidates to our client’s vacancy / job specification. We source from our extensive, pre-screened, national database plus various networking platforms, including LinkedIn and Pnet. We interview our candidates face-to-face whenever possible; alternatively we conduct telephonic interviews, as well as utilise Skype and video calls. We vow to always provide accurate and most recent work references. We also offer the following free verification services, upon request only i.e. criminal record, credit check, identification, secondary education, tertiary qualification, driver’s license, etc.  Service Providers: Veri Source, Fraud Check and NeVetec. Various Online Assessments can also be arranged, upon request. Service Provider: Equinox. Please note that all Assessments carry an additional cost. Please ask for a quotation.

Our Agency will prove to be worthy of any opportunity given. We also offer the most affordable rates in the market (nationally) at only 10%, which our clients value and appreciate. Saving our clients money, whilst adding value to their recruitment function.



We offer our clients an attractive, cost-saving service when it comes to their permanent staffing budget, without compromising quality of staff.

Our placement fee for all permanent positions (nationally) is calculated at only 10% of the candidate’s annual package i.e. the candidates Cost to Company per annum (calculated as per dummy payslip, which will need to be attached to the official offer of employment). However, we do not include incentive bonuses and commissions – offering our clients value for money.

The invoice is processed on the date the successful candidate commences employment. Invoices are to be settled within 2 weeks of the candidate’s starting date; unless alternative arrangements are made upfront i.e. in the case where payments are processed overseas. If invoices are settled within the agreed upon time frame i.e. 14 days after starting date, then we offer our clients a 3-month guarantee period. Should the new employee leave within a 3-month period (3 calendar months) for any reason, other than death, disability, unfair dismissal, sexual harassment or retrenchment, then we will replace the employee free-of-charge. Should we fail to find a suitable replacement, then the full fee paid will be credited against our client’s account. However, if our client decides not to replace the candidate, then a non-refundable credit of 50% will be deducted off future invoices, to be used within 12-months.

Candidates from our Agency are submitted to our clients, in the form of their CV’s being submitted in our format and on an official letterhead (submitted either by hand or via email). An official introduction is secured, once a formal interview is set up for the candidate – with our client / the company. These candidates who are interviewed will then remain “our candidate” / “property of the Agency” for a period of 3-months after introduction; or application for any position which was available at the time. Our candidates may not be contacted directly by our clients. The only channel of communication must be via. our Agency. Should the candidate be employed by our client for any position whatsoever within 3-months after initial introduction / interview, then a full placement fee will apply. Thank you kindly for understanding and acceptance hereof.

We know how valuable a trusted recruitment partner is in finding the "right people" for our clients.



We offer Temporary Staff / Contractors at short notice for any and all positions, nationally and internationally. 

We have successfully placed Contractors throughout S.A. and overseas.

Temporary Assignments / Contract Positions (Fixed Term Contracts / FTC’s) will be calculated as a “reduced placement fee”.

The duration of the temp assignment / FTC will assist in guiding us to quote the fee i.e. a 3-month FTC will be calculated as follows:

Candidate’s monthly salary x 3 months @ 10% = Temp Fee (same calculation used for permanent placements – however, the ‘months’ are reduced).

The rate which we quote our client is invoiced on the commencement day of the Contract and is due within 7-days of start date.

We do not manage the payroll function for these individuals – therefore clients must be aware that Temp staff / Contractors must be added on to the organisation’s inhouse payroll system.

PLEASE NOTE: We, the Agency, accept no liability for any theft/losses/expenses that may arise by our candidate/s being placed on site; and/or any damage to goods/stock or client’s premises, where they will be based. We, the Agency, will also not hold the candidate (employee) personally liable. In such cases, these incidents will need to be referred by our client to the S.A. Police Service and/or claimed via. the client’s Insurer. Also, should a candidate be injured on duty, then the client will assist the candidate to resolve any injuries via. the nearest IOD Centre.

Should our client wish to offer a Temp or Contractor permanent employment, then our standard permanent placement fee of 10% of their Annual Cost to Company will apply. Refer to “Permanent Staffing” on previous page.



Hart Personnel hereby humbly requests an opportunity to assist you and your Company with any position available. We will prove our capabilities to you, resulting in SUCCESS! We will provide you with an excellent recruitment service! Adding value to your HR Department.


COMPANY REG NUMBER: 2017/048630/07

VAT NUMBER: 426 0277 852


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